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Geeking Out…Tech Crazy in 2K11

The start of a new job in 2011, and a greater interest in technology has enabled my inter-geek to come out. I am an avid reader of blogs, but decided it’s time to start putting my thoughts/interests/idiosyncrasy’s on “paper” for the rest of the world. Not too mention, with family and friends that don’t live near – I want them to feel like they have the same clarity into our lives [especially Sean P.] as if we lived next door.

Ok, so 2011…we’re talking 0 to Geek in seconds. I’ve had a FB account for a while…boring. Twitter has def become my go-to social site for information and the things that interest me most. Laura and I jumped on the Skype train, which has allowed me to talk with her and Sean when i travel [I get up at 3 am when in California to talk/see them – totally worth it]. We have also started Skyping with friends and family which is awesome.

I have become the mayor [and been ousted] of many of my favorite places on Foursquare – and have reaped the savory benefits of discounted chicken wings simply by “checking in.”

I got an iPhone…and an iPad. Now, it’s time to convert the wife. Luckily, just the other day – we dropped her Droid on the ground and shattered the screen. Seems like my subliminal messages finally worked! But getting back to my iPad…its awesome. What’s not to like? I use it daily, personal and professional. I started using Evernote for meetings. Sean uses many flashcard apps to continue his development. Movies, internet, social media…the device is just silly. The only downside…the wife is not thrilled with the amount of time i spend on FIFA 2012…but it is awesome!

My company [ConnectSolutions] started using Microsoft Lync internally for IM, Presence, Video and Audio – and all I have to say is WOW. I know, I know – see the everything Apple comments above, but seriously, Lync is awesome [and yes, I do use the Mac client for Lync]. But seriously, its awesome. Having technology like that at your finger tips is liberating. My # of sent emails continues to decrease week by week, since i can handle so much internal crap via chat. I use the soft phone on my laptop to make calls to everyone, saving my iPhone battery and the company $$$. Video chats are quick and easy…anyway…you get it. Just another awesome technology I was introduced to this year.

And finally…welcome to – thanks to Looking forward to spilling my guts, capturing moments, spreading joy – and eventually becoming mega-wealthy because someone with the last name Muntzer gets rich and famous and i own the domain name 🙂